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Black White Purple Wall Art Photography/ Rose by LittlePiePhotoArt

I really like this photo ...it's like he is a new little angel asking for help!

Angels comes in many diffrent shapes & forms. You only has tog ask, belive and trust them for thii higer good. Love, Respect & trust what you can't see is the answer to most questiens in your heart.

Some angels choose cleverly disguised lives in time and space, just to help folks get past judging by appearances. No, they're not much to look at, listen to, or dance with, and most would never guess they're angels, but that's the point. Every soul is beautiful ~TUT

"One of the saddest things in the world to witness, is an angel fallen from above. A broken angel"

((Open rp//Be him please//)) I was a fallen angel, forced to hide my wings and live as a mortal. I only aged until 18, Unfortunately it's my birthday and I knew that I would be staying this way forever. I walked out to the medow, it was 12:00 A.M. and I screamed out in anger. Why couldn't I have just stayed up with the other angels? Why did they have to throw me out? I fell to the ground, crying when I hear the crunching of dried grass and leave. I stop, not moving and holding my breathe.

This message will not be for emm se will know, instinctively and deeply. Allow the words to settle into the cracks of the dry earth and allow the Wind to blow where it may.