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ma sélection de calendriers de l'avent déroutants  original advent calendar http://tetedampoule1.wordpress.com/2014/11/12/ma-selection-de-calendriers-de-lavant-elegants-et-deroutants/

Ma sélection de calendriers de l’avent élégants et déroutants

himmeli by Pinjacolada for My Scandinavian Christmas for The House That Lars Built

My Scandinavian Christmas Day 4

Svo margt fallegt: Náturuleg jól hjá Oi soi Oi

My Christmas dam just burst. These pretty Christmas images from Danish brand OiSoioi were to lovely to keep.


These look so intricate, quite the graduation from the gingerbread cookies and holiday crafts I made in elementary school.though the memories are always there / Pretty gingerbread snowflakes