Paul walker. No. 2. So yeah, this mega-crush has been going on since, well, maybe I was 14?  13? LOL

Paul Walker: "I wasn't a player in high school by any means. I was the nice guy. From what I gather now, a lot of girls had crushes on me, which is kinda funny. Watch furious 7 in his memory

Honestly too beautiful for words... just beautiful! Paul Walker with those beautiful blue eyes.

I think Paul Walker is by far the most beautiful man ever. His presence is greatly missed!

Paul Walker - RIP

Cody Walker, Paul Walker's younger, almost identical brother, to play Brian O'Connor in next "Fast & Furious" Installment.

Paul Walker.

Paul Walker Photos - LA premiere of "Eight Below".El Capitan, Hollywood, CA.February - LA Premiere of "Eight Below"

Most amazing beautiful actor ever

Fast And Furious 7; The new Brian O'connor (Cody Walker)

universal-blueprint: “ “You Know, All that really matters is that the people you love are happy & healthy. Everything else is just sprinkles on the sundae" Paul Walker.