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Le couvent des écoliers - by faj.

Le couvent des écoliers - by faj.

Dadiland, abandoned amusement park, Dadizele, Belgium

Dadipark was opened in october 1949 in the belgium town of Dadizeele. It was until it closed in 2003 one of the oldest amusement park of be.

(No info or location given)

Abandoned Farm Trucks and Barn in Washington Love the vehicle, too. Days Gone By.


Insane asylum- patients were isolated and forgotten by family, friends and all of society. There were easily subjected to neglect and torture of the highest caliber, without hesitation or question.

The Underwood. by bullymeister, Furhouse Manor

On mission with Fernbank, Andre Govia, Romany WG, Ced, and joined by E-SD Images and Kaos by Design