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I was stuck by those skeletons. It takes longer time to draw this part. BTW, Chinese New Year is coming. Because of it, next part will be submitted after two weeks or later. Part 3→Fiolee Com...

Regular plot in the end XD I must apologize for my poor English. There might be some wrong words and sentences. (I don't know) Anyw. Fiolee Comic- One Day Date (Part

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Tokyo Ghoul: re - Kirishima Touka. Just read Tokyo Ghoul: re chapter Not as good as some of the past chapters but I like where it's heading. Can't wait for the next chapter. Wonder if we'll see the real Rabbit return after Sasaki and Touka met.

Sasaki and Touka

Sasaki & Touka Tokyo Ghoul re Extras :: Capítulo 1 :: MangaWorks Reader …

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That's why I ship Fiolee. Just admit it! If you don't love Fionna, why do you keep asking this question, Marshall? My Bad Little Boy 2