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ramiè pianta - Boehmeria nivea - appartenente alla famiglia delle ortiche

Swicofil is the trusted name in the textile industry for ramie spun yarns. Ramie is used for well wearing, noble and high fashion apparel as well as for home applications.

Nettle fabric, an eco-fabric to use in next future

Nettle fabric, use it in the next eco-future, or now !

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Textile Primer | Manufactured Biodegradable Fibres| Lyocell/Tencel

Textile Primer: Manufactured Biodegradable Fibres

How to make Nettle cordage- jonsbushcraft.com

Preparing Nettle for cordage - Step by step guide. How to separate the very strong cordage fibres from Nettle stems before twisting them into cord.

Крапива китайская, белое ра́ми (англ. ramie), бомерия белоснежная (лат. Boehmeria nivea) — вид растений из семейства крапивных родиной из восточной Азии. Используется в тканевых изделиях. Волокно рами обладает значительной прочностью (см. таблицу 1) и почти не подвержено гниению. См. есть носочная пряжа в папке Shops.

Ramie Plant or 'China Grass' (you can needle felt any fiber; animal [sheep, alpaca etc.] or bast [plant] fiber such as this ~ animal fibers with more scales are generally easier because the scales help the meshing together process)

What do yo know about Ramié? This is what i found about its fabric properties

Properties of Ramié , unknown fabric!

Ramie - International Year of Natural Fibres

Ramie - International Year of Natural Fibres