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Harry potter snitch necklace... and although it's SUPPOSED to be gold, let's agree that silver is better

"Snitch" Necklace - Inspired by the Harry Potter Series

Cute Gold Wallet pink flowers USB Flash Memory Pen Drive Pendant for Necklace

YSL Lipstick Flash Drive / 32 GB USB Memory by PointsAndPlaces, $128.40

Why not consider giving a cool USB drive? This article highlights five quirky flash drives most people will like.

E = mc Saved USB Flash Drive?  Now I can continue my secret love affair with Einstein.

Fresh Take Leggings in Blue Universe

Crust Be Dreaming #USB Drive - Brown, Quirky $25 #gadget

Love and Crust Valentine Set

Crust Be Dreaming USB Drive. On those mornings when youre starving for a change of scenery, save your essential files on this sweet toast-shaped USB drive and delight in a bit of work and breakfast at your favorite corner cafe!

USB Cake Flash Drive|Cake Memory Stick|Tort Flash Drive – Blog & Buy ❤ liked on Polyvore

A cute flash drive not only stores all of your data, it acts as an accessory as well.

bling USB flash drive

13 Bling Bling USB Flash Drives

13 USB flash drives that will make you shine and sparkle. USB memories made of gold, diamonds and crystals.

Resultado de imagem para luminarias de princesa do mário

Resultado de imagem para luminarias de princesa do mário