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ORACOLO GALATTICO MAYA DEL 07.01.2015 - MAGO BIANCO INTONANTE, KIN 174 - LA LEZIONE DELL'AMORE - leggi su nottebluritmica.blogspot.com

Psychedelic art of Fabián Jiménez Liquid-Solar-Dragon.

1960s poster -The Love Conspiracy Commune Presents ...

The Love Conspiracy presents The Doors - Poster believed to have been created by Donna Harrick, not confirmed

Joma Sipe creates breathtaking visionary art with influences in magick, alchemy and sacred geometry.

Art by Joma Sipe. The architecture of GOD. The universe is created by a consciousness which manifests in physical reality through a blueprint that we call Sacred Geometry which repeats over and over giving the illusion of linear time.

By Pouyan Khosravi

Open your third eye. Evidence based yoga research. Evidence-based qi gong research.

420mryjade:  Artist: Luis Tamani

"You find Peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your Life, but by realising who you are at the deepest level" ~Eckhart Tolle Artwork by Luis Tamani Amasifuen.

voidpapers: “Celebrate this chance to be alive and...

voidpapers: “Celebrate this chance to be alive and... (ૐ dreamer)

Spiritual healing through consciousness is now flowing through our relationships expanding into the dimension paradigm and way of life.

Follow us: https://www.facebook.com/PsyArt.BeautyMind/ https://plus.google.com/u/0/109069375780419077969 https://www.pinterest.com/PstArt1/psy-art-beauty-mind/ https://www.instagram.com/psyart.beautymind/

Unity Grid by Fabian Jimenez , Art Print - Fabian Jimenez, Threyda

Trippy Psychadelia

Luke Brown art - Spectral Eyes - I shook Luke Browns hand at Symbiosis Gathering

artandspirituality:   Spirit Rising - Fabian... | Bioluminescent

mikezurati: “ “Spirit Rising” Simon Haiduk & Fabian Jimenez 2015 A collaboration spanning over more than two years, finally released.

Яндекс.Картинки: поиск похожих картинок

"Galactic Yum--A 3 way collaboration between Justin Totemical, :::Visions from the Source::: (Art by Abhi Thati) and I. We started this in 2012 in San Fransisco.

.:.:.:.:.:.psychedelic art.:.:.:.:.:.

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