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odditiesoflife: “ Vintage Bookplates Featuring the Grim Reaper On each bookplate, you will notice the words Ex Libris. A bookplate, also known as ex-librīs [Latin, “from the books of…”], is usually a.

Jo Erich Kuhn, Art-exlibris.net

Exlibris by Jo Erich Kuhn from Sweden for Renate Grave - Angel - Line block

V Kutra, Art-exlibris.net

Exlibris by V Kutra from Czechoslovakia for Vladislav Kohout - Book Man -

Art-exlibris.net - exlibris by Zbigniew Jozwik for Giacomo Tasca

Exlibris by Zbigniew Jozwik from Poland for Giacomo Tasca - Abstract - Linocut

art by Nora Aoyagi

Little Red Riding Hood - Le petit Chaperon Rouge - Nora Aoyagi

Ladislav Rusek, Art-exlibris.net

Exlibris by Ladislav Rusek from Czechoslovakia for Mirko Kaizl - - Etching

Ryo Masuoka, Art-exlibris.net

Exlibris by Ryo Masuoka from Japan for Shigernaru Kishi - Fauna Hand(s) - Woodcut