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Beach life, feeling breezy, wow this caption is really cheesy

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WILDFOX COUTURE Dance with Somebody Off the Shoulder Sweatshirt in Valley Heat

I'd sooo wear this and dance all day with strangers. :-) WILDFOX COUTURE Dance with Somebody Off the Shoulder Sweatshirt in Valley Heat

Punny Vegetable Shirts - The 'Lettuce Turnip the Beet' T-Shirts are Hilarious and Witty (GALLERY)

Punny Vegetable Shirts

NEON lettuce turnip the beet unisex sizes pink tank top by coup funny-random

heart sweatshirt from wildfox couture... love these colors together

heart sweatshirt from wildfox couture. love these colors together - who doesn't like wild fox?

WILDFOX Malibu baggy beach jumped Sz S NEW WILDFOX Malibu baggy beach jumped Sz S NEW Wildfox Sweaters

WILDFOX Malibu baggy beach jumped Sz S NEW

The Wildfox Barbie Dreamhouse Malibu Beach Baggy Beach Jumper says Malibu in puffy, scented letters across a roomy, fleece body with an allover watercolor-inspired tie-dye.


WILDFOX Couture- Rather Be Shopping Baggy Beach Jumper. There's nothing better than a little retail therapy


First date baggy beach jumper

8 Knitted Graphic Fashion Jumpers: Wildfox Couture First Date Baggy Beach Jumper from Planet Blue.

I could make that with my crafty skills and a sewing machine

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"I believe that on the first night I went to Gatsby's house I was one of the few guests who had actually been invited. People were not invited--they went there."

Party at Gatsby's! WANT. For anyone who has read the great gatsby & knows how awesome & witty this sweater is!


The Book Was Better Sweatshirt - Many sizes available - Harry Potter Hunger Games Percy Jackson Ender& Game LOTR

Pizza hoodie. "Swim all day. Dance all night. Fallin Love. Pizza"  www.downtownpizzacompany.com

For some reason this really cracked me up. Lifeguard summer, anyone? Except that would actually be "tan all day."<---- lol tan all day😂😂😭 (I'm a ginger)