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A Writer Trimming His Pen - Jan Ekels 1784

While studying in Paris as a young man, Ekels came to appreciate Dutch masters –such as Metsu and Ter Borch –who specialized in interior scenes with one or more figures.

The Little prince @ Jessie we will never see hats!!!!

I showed my masterpiece to the grown-ups, and asked them whether the drawing frightened them. But they answered: "Frighten? Why should any one be frightened by a hat?" - the little prince

"My appointed work is to awaken the divine nature that is within."      ~  Peace Pilgrim    <3 lis

"Everything has seasons, and we have to be able to recognize when something's time has passed and be able to move into the next season. Everything that is alive requires pruning as well, which is a great metaphor for endings.

https://images.search.yahoo.com/search/images ~ Collar and hat for the ship's owner.

https://images.search.yahoo.com/search/images ~ Collar and hat for the ship's owner.

Nel centro del castello di Brahma, il nostro stesso corpo, c’è un piccolo tempio a forma di loto, e in esso si può trovare un piccolo luogo. Potremmo trovare chi dimora lì e potremmo volerlo conoscere. E se qualcuno chiede: “Chi vi dimora?”, possiamo rispondere: “Il piccolo spazio all’interno del cuore è grande quanto l’universo. I cieli e la Terra sono lì, il sole, la luna, le stelle; il fuoco e la luce e il vento; perché l’intero universo è in lui ed egli dimora nel nostro cuore”…

Hindus worships God beyond form, Brahman. Yet Hindus love imagery and art to express the endless divine qualities of Brahman.

little prince valentines http://fyeahthelittleprince.tumblr.com/page/3

little prince valentines http://fyeahthelittleprince.tumblr.com/page/3

Man sieht nur mit dem Herzen gut. Das wesentliche ist für die Augen unsichtbar. Der kleine Prinz

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery is my favorite book.

le petit prince

小王子 Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince) Really thinking of getting a "sheep in a box" tattoo.