1 october 2016 — this is the periodic table, noble gas is stable, halogens and alkalis react aggressively; each period we’ll see new outer shells and electrons are added moving to the right (if you.

Apuntes organizados e inspiradores. Hojas de estudio de química con dibujos y tipografía bonita

24 Imágenes de anotaciones tan organizadas que te provocarán demasiada paz

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor studying

This technique is just like teaching someone except you’re writing your words down. You start by reading your textbook and notes and learn as much as you can for that study session. After that you tak

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senticousrose: “ Doing some advanced reading (or highlighting? haha) for tomorrow’s first Parasitology lecture. I’ve had a brief encounter with parasites from last semester’s Clinical Microscopy.