8-24 this with pops of green

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What should we call her? I had my own little at my salon today. 😂 All by my selfie 😎 Prelightened the hair for a clean canvas using

Smokey violet to silver metallic ends. This is Pulp Riot Hair @pulpriothair #pulpriothair

10 Hair Color Trends That Will Rule the Year 2017 I must say that Mahogany is more of an evergreen color and this is why the color has always been in

Rainbow Hair Ideas for Brunette Girls — No Bleach Required ★ See more: http://lovehairstyles.com/rainbow-hair-ideas-brunette-girls/

30 Rainbow Hair Looks for Brunettes

Try rainbow hair that is rich, dark, fantastic and mysterious. The new oil slick hair trend allows brunettes to get awesome look without any harsh bleaching

Royal blue turquoise ice blue dyed hair color

Like the shades of blue- Royal blue turquoise ice blue dyed hair color