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Min Pin got tired

Карликовый пинчер (фото): любвеобильный и энергичный малыш

Карликовый пинчер (фото): любвеобильный и энергичный малыш

Miniature Pincher. (DIVA  JOHNSO  ) #

Miniature Pincher Arias posing for the camera.

One of my 2 Miniature Pinschers, Little Miss MoneyPenny. Min Pins are called the Kings and Queens of the Toy Breeds. Can you doubt it?

This fancy girl is called Little Miss Money Penny. She's not my min pin but she looks smashing in her crown and robe.

Enjoy the time of your life. That's exactly what your Min Pin will grant you and adopting him was definitely the best decision you made. See why at

The Day You Adopt a Miniature Pinscher is D-Day...DOOM DAY!

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