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Bloody handprint of a teen girl who thinks it's FUNNY just Talking about death & animals.That's called "Being Sadistic"!


Plaster Pusher: How to Color Plaster with This Secret Ingredient + DIY Plaster Mini Planters - Paper and Stitch

Macbeth was crowned in Scotland, House of Dunkeld in 1040 for 17 years.

Piece of Macbeth artwork that I thought was very fascinating because it really does portray Macbeth and his guilt for killing the king.

Lady Macbeth ~ Macbeth

This is a great example of how Lady Macbeth felt guilty for Duncans death. This made her feel that Duncan was still there. It literally drove her and Macbeth insane.

Illustration by Clockblock. Vía Cultura Inquieta

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