Cowboy Pitstop by lord-phillock

a poster I had an idea for when seeing a gas station the other day. I have only just finished watching 'Cowboy Bebop' for the first time last month, rea.

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Cowboy Bebop quote - Spike Spiegel and the gang

Cowboy Bebop quote - Spike Spiegel and the gang- I remebering you mentioning this anime to me oddly enough Peter introduced it to me and I love it and the music

Anime recommendations for everyone in 9 categories

Anime recommendation infographics

Anime recommendations for everyone in 9 categories. I am surprised that they didn't put Prince of tennis (Tennis no Oji-sama) in the sports section!

Is my life, my thoughts, my feelings, are they real, or is it just another ripple in the sea that is my waking nightmare.

My life felt like this episode a couple months ago.luckily my crazy violent ex was forced to move to florida after threatening and attempting to kill me and his best friend after we fell in love. Best decision ever, there's happy endings sometimes.

Spike Spiegel / Cowboy Beebop

I don’t normally make fan art but Cowboy Bebop was just too beautiful to ignore. poster of one of the most iconic characters in my life. See you space cowboy

See you Space Cowboy. by BumbleBunnyMedia on Etsy

I created two more Bebop posters, I think these compliment each other nicely. Spike Spiegel and Faye Valentine. Here's Faye. See you, Space Cowboy - Spike Spiegel