Love the cut. Wish i could do the color too.

Love the cut and color. Bet that was done with a purple toner adding kickers when it fades its going to be a awesome platinum blonde or a simple touch up.

Beautuful hair color! Wow, I love it so much!!!

SO pretty but in all reality where can you get a professional job besides a hair stylist with this hair? I absolutely LOVE it but I can't do it :(

love this color

Hair Color for Short Hair 2014

Hair Color for Short Hair 2014 different color hairstyles Short Hairstyles 2014 different color hairstylesMost

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I like this, but I'd want it reversed with the dark purple on the top and the blonde on the bottom

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So I never realized an ombré on shorter hair looked good until I seen this.seriously considering this.

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I dont like the color, but I like the hair cut! Definitely ready to go short with my hairstyle . by liz

Este corte y tinte son realmemte hermosos

This is my essential haircut, but the color is anmore royal purple just in front, with deep brown with blonde highlights in the back, and an undercut that wraps around to my right ear ☺