Captivated by the beauty of the Queen Anne's Lace along the fences of the countryside!

whoa, this reminds me sweetly and painfully of my own childhood, when my grandfather built a swing in his back yard and would push me and my sister . . .

for the swing my granddaddy hung in his big pecan tree for us to enjoy.what a feeling being able to swing out so far and into the tree.felt such freedom in that swing.

The sunshine makes me happy.

Old Wooden Fence A fence and a field of flowers is a perfect photo opportunity.

Comfy Cozy Cottage

chicken in the country.hmmmm, if I surround my gardens with heavy rows of flowers and herbs, will it keep the chickens out? Prettier than a fence anyway!

♡♡♡ .t

Like the bench with the tree. may be good with walnut tree in froont yard. The formal garden items are not right.

The Garden Cat Bueno, este no sé si necesita de poca agua, pero es muy chulo

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Stone path and rustic gate cottage-garden style Garden. Little rustic garden shed Good landscaping tips - garden pathway

Queen Anne's Lace

queen anne's lace-Imagine riding a bike down here on a mild spring day!