Illustrator: Valerio Fabbretti, children's #book #concept #artist #comics

Which books contain these beautiful work? Valerio Fabbretti, children's book illustrator, concept artist and comics artist.

Oliver Jeffers. Este alce es mio

This Moose Belongs to Me by Oliver Jeffers. The age-old tale of a boy and his moose. The bestselling creator of "Stuck" and "The Incredible Book Eating Boy" delivers another deceptively simple book sure to make kids giggle.

personajes 3D de niños , 001-jippi-cool-kid-characters-warner-mcgee

Diseños de personajes 3D de niños por Warner McGee

Jippi Characters Kids Food Range - Packaging by Tim Cooper - Image Creation, via Behance

Nabaroo / Search - Luigi Lucarelli

This is Captain Fay and her best friend Enyo, he's a young dragon! I imagine these two go on crazy adventures!