robot and frog art by chocolatesoop. found on

its so darn cute though! I dont know quite how serious we are taking the route of this game in terms of design at this stage, so it was hard not to pin this!

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by DAVID MARCELO ZAMORA, via Behance // show them that there are so many different ways to portray one thing

by *CreatureBox:

Artwork from Ratchet & Clank Future : Tools of Destruction - Ratchet Galaxy - The Ultimate Ratchet & Clank Resource

A deep rumbling sounded, echoing through her bones and making her tremble. After a moment of consideration, she determined it to be a...voice? An impossibly low voice. It might have been saying something like "Don't jump..."

Goro Fujita Now this is one hell of a big robot, even the Iron Giant would look small i think.