Rin Matsuoka x Haruka Nanase I SHIP I SHIP EVERYTHING

rin x haru iwatobi! swim club (free) rin matsuoka x haruka nanase x rin x haru (yaoi

I cried (You Are My Shining by Fayolinn)

You are my shining . Drawn by Fayolinn . - Iwatobi Swim Club, oh my gosh i ship it

Free! -  OVA parody by Tenshi-no-Hikari.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

- OVA parody by Tenshi-no-Hikari on DeviantArt I ship it rinharu for the win!

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Disappointing by ~SoriV on deviantART Notice how they all suddenly have clothes on in the end, me while I was watching this

I laughed more then I should have

the Rinharu is real

oh dios!, es simplemente perfecto. Creo que escupire arcoiris durante todo un dia <3

- Iwatobi Swim Club~ haru nanase x rin matsuoka

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K Project Image - Zerochan Anime Image Board

Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club

Free - Nagisa Makoto Rei Rin x Haru

...the more and more I look at him, I think Sosuke might be more my type than Haru... >w> ...THAT'S A BAD THING, I'M SORRY, HARUKA, I STILL LOVE YOU!! ;w;

Rin x Sousuke, Sourin, Free!

I don't like Souske. Nope. NOPE. But, if we talking bout dat guy down there?? I can make an exception

To all the fangirls of souske yamazaki, he is real

Sudden Change - RinHaru Mermen!AU by Sakura-Rose12 ...  Iwatobi Swim Club, Haruka Nanase, Rin Matsuoka, rinharu, haru nanase, rin, haru, free!, iwatobi, matsuoka, merman, nanase

RinHaru Comic - Sudden Change by on deviantART

Free! ~~ On the way home, there's a moment of truth for Rin and Haruka :: [ stop worrying by dreamxxdream.deviantart.com on @deviantART ]

Im still not sure who I ship, Makoto x Haru or Rin x Haru. Either way this is adorable because Haru is happy


Home Decor Anime Free!

Haruka Nanase | Free! #anime #u sexy litte shit <--- that tag though XD

Haruka Nanase from Free!

Do you see that? Yeah, that's my boyfriend, we're going to prom together XD

Iwatobi Swim Club One Shots [Various x Reader] - Prom King & Queen ~ Haruka Nanase

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Amazing Art for Haruka Free! Looking at this makes me want to swim!