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Mala persona

II, 3 o IV, 3 - Estar de/Tener mala leche = Estar de/Tener mal humor - Estar enfadado.

"he did it" for you non-Spanish speaking mother :)

One girl in my Spanish class actually saw this and said but he couldn't have done it. He's not the same color. Pretty sure that's the joke.

This photo offers a VHS, a cassette, a 3.5 computer disk and a 35 mm film roll discussing style obsolescence. Style obsolescence refers to a product that is no longer desirable because it has gone out of the popular fashion, its style is obsolete. On a smaller scale, particular products may become obsolete due to replacement by a newer version of the product. A historical example of superseding technology causing obsolescence includes higher-quality multimedia DVD over videocassette…

Here's a really great "Analog Retirement" t-shirt by BustedTees. I really feel for that poor little film guy, but at least he's in good company with o