as máscaras de couro de tom banwell

as máscaras de couro de tom banwell

"This is actually a mask the Doctors wore so as not to contract fatal diseases back in Victorian era" (or so it claims.I don't recall Victorian doctors wearing Plague masks.I think it's Steampunk and someone bs'd the description.

Oh my god, make me a lady version of this, and I would SO wear it on a motorcycle!

Oh, if only I could find the removable liner for my motorcycle jacket. It would make a perfect base to make this for airsoft and paintball.

Obsessed by the lust of Obscurity (armor)

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Complete armoured Ninja costume, with stunt ninjato sword and hook weapon,from the Last Samurai This costume can be seen in the Way of the Warrior: Epic Movie Arms and Armour Exhibition current .

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