Three Deleted Villains (The Fujitas) from Big Hero 6! Part 1 Scanned from The Big Hero 6 Art Book

scottwatanabe: “ Yama used to be have a more predominate role along with his roller geisha. He used to have a kinda “palace” or hideout on top of this hill where most of illegal actives in San.


imagine tiny little wingless fairies flying around, helping people when they're in a bad position or helping them if they were having a panic attack or something like that. imagine wingless fairies that aren't normal but people accept them.


Very cool character design-- ghostbri: “ some stuff for graduation, more development work for circle! three enviros and some alternate outfits for eos.

I really wanted to draw something with a divine/celestial vibe to it,finally turned out the way I wanted it :3 ♥Love you epic people ♥           ...

An outfit adoptable for the witty Hope you like it. ♥♥♥Love you epic people ♥♥♥ &nbs.