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You’d think dealing with pain on a daily basis would mean we always know how to manage it. Nope. | 19 Things People With Chronic Pain Want You To Know

You'd think dealing with pain on a daily basis would mean we always know how to manage it. Nope.

WHAT DOESN'T KILL YOU MAKEs YOU STRONGER, STAND A LITTLE TALLER. Maybe, but it is going to hurt like hell first. Repinned by www.grownupgrace.com

If it hurts too much if u can't take it then there is always a way, a way to nullify contracts n forge new ones , but I m not worth it too by now :) being realistic

When all my chronic illnesses attack me at the same time, this does happen! :'-(

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Pain changes people quotes quote life inspirational wisdom lesson

I am in pain and it makes me cranky!♡♡♡Over did it with my hand, the surgeon did an excellent job! Just too over anxious to use it and to see what it will be full capacity.

No I'm not :(   Ask anyone who has experienced an aneurysm rupture and they will tell you or talk about this "new" me. Changes happen in your brain and you are never the person you used to be. Your personality, likes, dislikes, taste, intelligence hobbies, EVERYTHING about you can change, as if someone else took over your body.

I am not me anymore. That is the simple and plain truth. I am no longer that Dutch student who lived a boring life in the south of Holland. I am an Element of Nature, result of a botched experiment. I am a reanimated corpse.

I wake up terrified wondering if today ill break ..if today ill give up ...and do it ...just walk away ..

I'm afraid Holden, I'm afraid because I know I can't fight forever and I don't know what comes after this. I can't let myself believe that this is all there is to me.