Yarnplayer's Tatting Blog: More mixed media experiments

Some examples of my original designs, tatted by me. Tatting + wire earrings, based on my "Nouveau" pattern.

Patterns Free Bead Tatting | Yarnplayers Tatting Blog: Simply Giddy tatted earrings

Looking for jewelry project inspiration? Check out Hot pink tatted earrings, tatting by member Marilee Rockley.

this is an interesting tatted piece ... sort of antique but could be layered with other pieces to make it more boho.

try with rounded seed beads. Why do so many people use angular seed beads with a smooth, rounded-thread design?

Free Celtic knot shamrock pattern from Yarnplayer's Tatting blog.

Tatted in my hand dyed thread, featuring a Celtic knot in the center. My own design, but inspired by Rozella Linden's celtic tatting work.