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The Morrigan is ‘The Phantom Queen’ of Irish Celtic legend

The Morrigan is a figure from Irish mythology. She is associated with sovereignty, prophecy, war, and death on the battlefield. She sometimes appears in the form of a crow, flying above the warriors.

Funestes et Sombres Envols « L'Antre de Morrigan

Funestes et Sombres Envols

Morrigan-reminiscent of Death in Neil Gaiman's Sandman

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Incredible Pagan Art: Sculpted Model of 'Pan’s Labyrinth' made by character artist Majid Esmaeili Read more at:

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Hunger is a monster by Platine Images illustration wolf animation

Raven Triskele Celtic Totem. I really like this! Ironically, I am very connected to these birds as a result of a recent occurrance. It was odd enough that when someone hears the story, they are skeptical that it's actually true.

Celtic Knotwork Raven Triskele Brigid Ashwood by brigidashwood

CúChulainn , one of the greatest heroes of Irish mythology and legend, was a warrior in the service of Conchobhar, king of Ulster. Best known for his single-handed defense of Ulster, Cuchulain is said to have lived in the first century B. C .

"The Ulster Cycle " Cú Chulainn Is An Irish Mythological Hero Who Appears In The Stories of Old Irish Mythology - Ireland