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For everyone who tells me 'you're so quiet' lol

ZODIAC TAURUS FACTS - Taurus are often emotionally hurt when the wrong things are said to them. They have a tendency of taking things too personally.

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Taurus tends to be more intrigued by those with an "edge" or some type of uniqueness to them. Pushovers & simple-minded people aren't their fondest types.

Always....it's my character!!

If a Taurus woman loves you, she will be more honest with you than any other woman. This is completely true!

Zodiac Taurus problem areas.

Astrology Quotes About Taurus Sign: The best astrology quotes and tips to understand Taurus zodiac sign. Taurus is born between April May

It's True - Taurus Facts

taurus thought. if it's a viable argument then ok, but if it's just BS then that just = nod and do it my own way. << this is actually pretty true

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Taurus are deliberate thinkers and when they don't like you it's no changing that.