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Not vintage, but nonetheless hilarious, Mardi Gras ad from Durex.

Megapost de mercadotecnia y publicidad - Taringa!

Megapost de mercadotecnia y publicidad

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it makes pretty good sense that "have a break, have a kit-kat" would put their name on a seat. very clever ambient advertising. #advertising

Quick hit for Friday. I saw this outdoor ad for Kit Kat and wanted to share it. The ad is a park bench disguised as a giant Kit Kat bar, with the line "Have a break. Have a Kit Kat." It is a great idea and I like the execution of the ad, as the…

Awesome truck advertising !!

Awesome truck advertising !!

I really do like these clever truck ads. Like the truck looking like a enormous Mars bar. What better way than to see something as eye catching when you are on the road.

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#Guerrilla #Marketing We deliver advertising campaigns throughout the UK and Europe, but we also welcome enquiries from around the globe too! For all of your advertising needs at unbeatable rates - www.adsdirect.org.uk

NON TRADITIONAL AD: Guerrilla Marketing. The kissing point is very French romantic style. I wish I know what the whole campaign idea is. If it says the same thing as the big idea says, this guerrilla is a cool idea.

Advertising Times: Sexe et Latex dans la publicité

Sexe et Latex dans la publicité

from Protection Can Be Fun - 10 Most Brilliant and Fun Condom Ads

Denzil y Siddhi (Mumbai, India) - "La mayoría de los gráficos sexuales si no está bien diseñado terminan buscando burda y repugnante.  Si el gráfico hace que uno se sienta incómodo entonces el foco en el mensaje se pierde, también.  Es por eso que los gráficos sexuales son mal interpretados y son un tabú en muchas culturas. "

Denzil Machado, Siddhi Yadav (Mumbai, India) - Advertising: An Unpublished Idea for Durex : Long Lasting Condoms, 2010 Ads