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minfind.com - AZURITE from Poteryaevskoe Mine, Rubtsovskoe Cu-Zn-Pb deposit, Rudnyi Altai, Altaiskii Krai, Western-Siberian Region, Russia

Basically, all about the differences between man-made glass crystals and natural quartz crystals.

Denver2015-158LDDioptaseCalciteTsumebMineNamibia67mm.jpg (277000 bytes) / Mineral Friends <3

Dioptase covering a white Calcite crystal matrix // Tsumeb Mine, Tsumeb, Otjikoto Region (Oshikoto), Namibia

Breathtaking specimen of velvety Azurite on matrix from Bisbee, Arizona!! Classic specimen measuring 16 cm by 11 cm in size. I love Bisbee specimens and this would rate as one of the best 5 specimens I have seen of this variety. Very aesthetic! From the A. Cooper collection. Photography by Kevin Ward

Breathtaking specimen of velvety Azurite on matrix from Bisbee, Arizona. A classic specimen measuring 16 cm by 11 cm in size. Photography by Kevin Ward

Azurite from Tsumeb Mine, Tsumeb, Otjikoto Region, Namibia [http://img.irocks.com/pics/cktsu-22a.jpg]

Malachite on Azurite some day soone I will have enough money that I will drive to the Tucson gem and mineral show and buy anything I like. jk Cold hard beauty of minerals,Crystals,Rocks and gems,rocks and minerals,

Dioptase on Duftite and Calcite

Dioptase on Duftite & Calcite, Namibia. Can I have this rock it's as cute as a button.


Azurite with Malachite. Looks like midnight sky with stars. I love azurite! It makes me miss the mines in Utah.

ミルク バブレス

Ethiopian opal with a Honeycomb pattern. Ethiopian opal is susceptible to clouding and then disintegrating.


Can't decide if I should pin this on my gem board or on my favorite color blue board.

Laramar - found in the Caribbean

Magical stone, found only in one place in the Caribbean (Dominican Republic) in an inactive volcano. This is a stone of the ocean and sky, it is the stone that Edgar Cayce predicted would be discovered with special healing qualities.

Close-up photograph of veszelyite (148368) from the National Mineral Collection. Photo by Chip Clark.

Veszelyite / Mineral Friends This mineral provides for truthfulness and for conformity to the truth of ones nature. Helpful in the treatment of inveterate dis-ease.

So beautiful, looking for rainbows in the moonlight. Earth's own masterpiece for us.

Quartz - Multi-Color - Minerals, Crystals, Gemstones, Natural Formations with copper !