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Niall Horan ❤

Harry: Liam, what's funnier than turdyseven? Liam: I don't know, what? Harry:Turdy eight! Liam and Harry laugh Louis: What's even funnier though? Liam and Harry: What? Zayn: TURDY NINE! Everyone rolls on floor laughing:D

Oh my...... STAHP

One Direction's Niall Horan channels his inner geek with thick rimmed glasses

Niall girls, can I have a daily pass to Niall Girl Land? Just for a day. He's absolutely killing me today. {GIF}

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Roses {N.H} ✔

* gif * WARNING YOU MAY DIE. <<< *dies*~~~<<<<~ at least the thing I'm dying from are those beautiful blue eyes

bressieniall: “ Niall Horan for InRock [credit: damerotronic] ”

bressieniall: “ Niall Horan for InRock [credit: damerotronic] ”