Castello Spinola a Lerma

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There are so many castles in Italy, don't miss out on the ten best to see on your next vacation.

10 of the Most Beautiful Castles in Italy

Not all ruins and churches, Italy has some of the most beautiful castles in Europe! Here’s our list, in photos, of the 10 prettiest castles in Italy. Fortress of San Nicola, Tremiti Islands T…

San Marino Castle, Italy -- Photos. Photography. Graphics. Capture. Photoshop. Nature. Gardens. Natural. Earth. View. Oceans. Landscapes. Animals. Pretty Things. Castles. Sea. Lakes. Mountains. Homes. Hills. Trees. Love. Travel Destinations. Beauty. Land. Water. Wind. Sunlight. Sunsets. Dusk. Seasons. Autumn. Solstice. Life. Flowers. Skyline. Truth.

Fortress of Guaita - Republic of San Marino (Europe) I love this old castle. Reminds of a Gothic novel.

This small castle is located in Sirmione, a small town on a peninsula in the Garda lake in Italy.

ITAP of a sinking castle in Italy

Roman Castle - In Umbria, the region they call "The Green Heart of Italy." CAN I LIVE HERE?

Roman Castle ---This folly is in Umbria, the region they call "The Green Heart of Italy." Maybe we can find it - going to Umbria in week and a half

Castello Spinola a Lerma

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