My hair has indeed been this color. Must try it again. :)

FROZEN Mint Green Hair Dye- 6 Teal Mint Hair Chalks

Evoke the true icy princess in you with this mint green hair dye. The mint green hair dye is so so pretty and eye catching. Get your Frozen-inspired minty chalk here.

Pastel Goth, synonymous for hipster goth pertains to chic fashioned, pastel haired people who take vintage styled pictures with a modern twists, and their pictures posted more particularly in a famous social networking site Tumblr. Often criticized as they don’t listen much to gothic music or know any of the goth movements and elements, pastel goths still wear goth inspired makeup like dark lips and smokey eyes.

How To Be A Pastel Goth : A Step-By-Step Guide

Lavender hairs purple lips - Ever since Kelly Osbourne did it I've been CRAZY for it. I need to bite the bullet and add some lavender!