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Subaru, Yusuke, Natsume, Louis & Ema

The characters Subaru, Yusuke, Natsume, Louis, and Ema - from the series "Brothers Conflict." >> I really like the princess outfit and crown which Ema is wearing in this one.

Brothers Conflict - Yusuke, Hikaru, Subaru, Futo, Louis, Tsubaki, Azusa, Natsume, Kaname, Iori, Wataru, Masaomo, Ukyo and Ema

Brothers Conflict - he's such a cuties u just know he'll be heart breaker when he grows up.

Season 2 looks (if there WAS a season 2 -_-)

Brothers conflict - only good for the hot guys. main female protagonist is a weak mary sue character.

#wattpad #fanfic Holaaaaa esta es mi 1ra historia y espero que sean amables…

El Neko-Subaru - Dia del accidente

I am very busy today, Ill get back to RP replies when I am back from my thing with my sister tonight. I am seeing Long Island Medium, she is Theresa Caputo. So, pm till 1 am Ill be un active.

Azusa, Natsume, Ukyo, Louis, Iori & Wataru (Brothers Conflict)

Brothers Conflict Passion Pink & Brilliant Blue OST - Asahina Azusa's theme I do not own the rights to the music or the pictures.

Brothers Conflict - Asahina Brothers - Hikaru, Subaru, and Yusuke

Brothers Conflict - Asahina Brothers - Hikaru, Subaru, and Yusuke