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Ain't that the truth

Bitch, I know way more than you lead on about your pathetic life. Food stamp having, Mommy taking care of your bills. You are a royalty, ROYAL PIECE OF SHIT!

Hopefully some day he'll take notice and not repeat the same mistake with another great person

He's the kind of guy a Girl meets when she's to young and she fucks it's up because there's to much living to do, but later she realizes he's perfect. Then it's to late!

You ain't

To a gorgeous Lady who shares a firewall - One day you’re going to realize he means nothing to you

I won't tolerate to be disrespected or be made a fool, sometimes love isn't always enough!

Quotes About EX : QUOTATION – Image : As the quote says – Description Know your worth, do not tolerate disrespect. Lying, manipulating, cheating, half-truths… that is supreme disrespect. Life with a narcissist.