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Today’s post is all about tattoo designs and compass. Compass tattoos are loved by both men and women. They can fit female tattoos or male tattoos with its meaning as well. Actually compass designs are meaningful and the tattoo designs mean someone will see in distance and never lose the directions. If you want to have a …

15 Compass Tattoo Designs for Both Men and Women

7 Amazing New Tattoo Ideas - Travel Tattoo. Travel Tattoo… I’ve seen a few different travel tattoo ideas that include things like a compass, airplane, or even a travel quote, but this is by far.

Forearm Tattoos for Men

50 Best Tattoo Ideas For Men in 2016

Tattoos are vastly gaining a lot of popularity among different types of people as they have increasingly gained acceptance in the public world. The placement of forearm tattoos is equally gaining popularity in the tattoo…


30 Great Compass Tattoos for both Men and Women

Correct placement for my next tattoo, and I do want a compass rose.but the ultimate plan is a compass rose with a trowel as the north arrow.