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typhoon class submarine

World's Most Feared Submarine, The Russian Typhoon Class Ballistic Missile Submarine - Industry Tap

Two Naval officers can be seen on Russia's monstrous Dmitry Donskoy Typhoon-class submarine as it emerges from the sea. The massive Typhoon-class sub is to leave the White Sea and travel around Norway and Denmark into what Putin's officials are calling NATO's swimming pool.

Russia to send the world's largest submarine to the Baltic


The Zubr-class is a class of air-cushioned landing craft of Soviet design.This class of military hovercraft is the world’s largest hovercraft.

These are something we use every day in the war soldiers die every day they go into battle and are dads go into war some times they come back and sometimes they don't we should be thankful for all they do for us.

Aircraft Carrier with Submarine screen. This may not be specifically "aero" but that's an amazing picture.

Стратегический крейсер Проекта 941 "Акула"

Стратегический крейсер Проекта 941 "Акула"