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Buddha in a Lotus Flower - meditation art print - spiritual / zen art - altar art

Depois de estudarmos sobre a Respiração, Energia Vital, Mente e Inteligência (consulte os post anteriores) damos continuidade ao Estudo Inb...

"Lotuses in Hinduism symbolize prosperity, beauty, fertility, eternity and eternal youth." This is a very pretty flower, so it's symbolization fits it. I love the way it stands out! White lotus for mandala.

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Chinese Painting by Lou Dahua Chinese Painting of Two Brown and Blue Birds. Birds and Bamboo x x with silk brocade mat] x x with silk brocade mat] Artist: Lou Dahua

Oriental painting of lotus flowers with ducks

A loving couple of mandarin ducks swim side by side in a lotus pond, traditional Chinese Meticulous-style ink painting by contemporary Chinese artist Yu Jigao (喻继高)

Myna on Magnolia Branch by Ohara Koson

Artist Shoson Ohara Koson - Myna bird- Indian Hill Minor and Magnolia Japanese woodblock prints, serigraphs (silkscreens), watercolors, lithographs, scrolls.


The Lotus shares some associations with the lily. Lotus flowers, which bloom in…

于非闇 -《荷花》                                此幅以深浅赭绿表现荷叶的向背,用笔挥洒自如,叶筋勾得疏密得当,以墨双勾荷花,淡设水色,以赭墨画水草,用笔虚实相间,意气相连。画家并不是单纯的摹写物象,而是在其中寄予无限的情思。

于非闇 -《荷花》 此幅以深浅赭绿表现荷叶的向背,用笔挥洒自如,叶筋勾得疏密得当,以墨双勾荷花,淡设水色,以赭墨画水草,用笔虚实相间,意气相连。画家并不是单纯的摹写物象,而是在其中寄予无限的情思。