Manchester, 1977

John Bulmer - Manchester For Bulmer’s last assignment in the north of England, Geo magazine wanted images that showed a new, vibrant Manchester. This series of photographs was not well received at the time, but is regarded today an important soci

Inspired by Heni Cartier-Bresson, Eggleston set out to capture everyday life with a painter’s eye for composition and, in his most celebrated works, color. Filmmaker Reiner Holzemer follows Eggleston around in the present, aping his compositional style at times as he frames shots in what looks like a ghost town. Eggleston’s way of arranging pictorial elements in a purely formal way yielded sometimes mystifyingly powerful results. His most celebrated photographs of people don&#8217...

William Eggleston - Paris The way the man is posed is quite interesting, even though he most likely does not know the photo is being taken, he looks quite poised and like a rich gentleman out of his context.

Eugène Atget (February 12, 1857 – August 4, 1927) was a French flaneur and a pioneer of documentary photography,

August Sander: Farm Children: 1920 “ On a muddy roadside that reveals evidence of recent rain stand three children from a farming family with their dog and a toy horse. August Sander captured the.

Street Photography Book Review: The Last Resort by Martin Parr

Street Photography Book Review: “The Last Resort” by Martin Parr

Image result for examples of dramatic flash photography outside

Image result for examples of dramatic flash photography outside

David Owen of IDEA Books speaks to London’s documentarian Derek Ridgers, about his new book, The Others.

​derek ridgers: youth culture in action