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Fantasy e Dintorni: TV Sci-Fi (Fantascienza TV)

Battle Star Galactica- Awesome series-- brings up some interesting fears on AI as well as time dynamics.

galactic-the fleet

Battlestar Galactica Infographic: Ships of the Colonial Fleet This is pretty damn cool.

A brief history infographic of Star Trek

45 Years of Star Trek [INFOGRAPHIC]

The First 45 Years of Star Trek Infographic. The Star Trek Infographic on the first 45 years is something most Star Trek buffs, Trekkies, and infographic l

awesome fond-decran-gratuit-hd-science-fiction-165

▶ ☺fond-decran-gratuit-hd-science-fiction-165

colonial viper | Colonial Viper Viper Mark I by bagera3005 on deviantART

Colonial Viper Viper Mark I The Colonial Viper is the primary fighter spacecraft type used by the human protagonists in the Battlestar Galactica fiction. Colonial Viper Viper Mark I