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Rare Behind-the-Scenes Set Photos from the Original STAR TREK Series

27 Rarely Seen Behind-the-Scenes Photos from the Filming of The Cage (Star Trek: The Original Series)

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45 Years of Star Trek [INFOGRAPHIC]

The First 45 Years of Star Trek Infographic. The Star Trek Infographic on the first 45 years is something most Star Trek buffs, Trekkies, and infographic l

'Star Trek' Science: How Teleportation Works [Infographic]

How Teleportation Works T M : I'm fairly certain that Star Trek teleportation works like classic teleportation as depicted in this explanation in that a "pattern" is created when a person is dematerialized at one location then used to materialize a person

Boldly Dress How No One Has Dressed Before: Star Trek Uniforms [Infographic]

See how much Star Trek's Starfleet's style has changed throughout the years with the help of this infographic!


Concept art for a story I have in mind, called Star Trek: Cataclysm -- it features a post-post-apocalyptic scenery, with the Federation long gone, Earth is a wasteland and the remnants of Humankind.