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Why I love Eleven!

The Tale of a Mad Man

Doctor Who: "The Majestic Tale (Of A Madman In A Box)" [Amber Whitney] I want this shirt!

he's a madman with a box. and I'm a madwoman without a box. it's fate, I tell you, it's fate....


madman by jade.stormcloud, via Flickr

"I absolutely trust him" I love how she doesn't answer the madman question! Because she knows that he is indeed a madman, but she trusts him non the less!

He's not some kind of mad man then? ...I absolutely trust this man.

"I absolutely trust this man." "He's not some kind of a mad man then?" "I absolutely trust this man.

Definitely a madman with a box.

Maybe We'll Just Poke Around a Little Bit

Oh, how I love David Tennant. I love that last face he made its so cute.

The Doctor: The Oncoming Storm, The Child of Gallifrey, The Madman With a Box

The Oncoming Storm, The Child of Gallifrey and The Madman With a Box. Personally, Ten is my Lonely Angel, but this works too.