29.) A mother shamefully hides her face after listing her children for sale in 1948.

An ashamed mother puts her four children up for sale in Chicago. Many people were forced into rather bizarre circumstances, such as Mr. Chalifoux, as they faced eviction and struggled to put food on the table. case for humanity & the lack thereof

Anna Frank il primo giorno di scuola

Anne Frank Week In the coming days, I& be posting photographs of Anne Frank and her family.

Wheels on my feet! #derby

I love the rollerskates. I love the chubby thighs. I love the smile. I LOVE this kid!

Em setembro de 1979, no Palácio da Liberdade, sede do governo mineiro, a garota Rachel Clemens Coelho (5) se recusou a cumprimentar o então presidente João Baptista Figueiredo (1979-1985), que visitava a capital mineira para lançamento do carro a álcool. Virou símbolo da luta contra a ditadura militar (1964-1985)

Morre mulher cuja imagem virou símbolo da luta contra ditadura militar

Garotinha se recusa a cumprimentar o presidente Figueiredo durante a ditadura militar brasileira.



La 4ème saison de "American Horror Story" est tournée vers l'univers des Freakshow : l'occasion de revenir sur certains de ces êtres humains extraordinaires.

Foire aux monstres : 48 photos vintages et terrifiantes de véritables "Freaks"

Freak shows were very popular in the past. And an actor with a rare physical anomaly could make a circus owner rich. Here are the most famous circus freaks of the past. Freak shows were ve

crashinglybeautiful: “ Shirley Baker, Girls swinging on a lamppost, Manchester, 1965. Thank you, luzfosca. ”

Shirley Baker - Two young girls swing on a rope attached to a pavement lamppost outside a corner shop in Hulme, Manchester, 1965

Laura Nelson lynched, 1916

Ida B. Wells e il linciaggio in America

Laura Nelson was lynched and hanged on a bridge over the North Canadian River about six miles west of Okemah, Oklahoma along side her 15 year old son, Lawrence Nelson. The pictures of the lynchings where later sold as postcards.

Lots of gas masks - Island in Japan -

1937 : “Pioneers in Defense” Gas-mask drill, Leningrad


A shell shocked soldier in the trenches during World War One. Cover image of the book "Broken Men: Shell Shock, Treatment and Recovery in Britain, written by Fiona Reid.