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When Calvin and Hobbes meet the universe of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, a little series of adorable mashups created by illustrator Brian Kesinger!

Bride of Darth Vader @Kisch Wu-Griffin Konold  grey or Nora?

Cosplay: Darth Vader princess - Funny costume of a pink Darth Vader princess with tiara is a funny Star Wars cosplay. FOR emma

Lord Vader

You may be epic but you will never be song starts playing when you walk in a room cool. I need John Williams to write me theme music.

Darth Wader

Artist Kyle Hagey has digitally created various Star Wars characters enjoying more light-hearted pastimes, like drinking tea and riding bikes.

The Daily Life of Darth Vader by Paweł Kadysz

The Daily Life of Darth Vader by Paweł Kadysz

The Daily Life Of Darth Vader By Paweł Kadysz Białystok Poland - How To Rule - Dark Side - Star Wars - Sith Lord - The Emperor - Funny Photos - Think Geek - Photo Project

! E Lena - Google+

aurelie-dupont: American Ballet Theatre corps Kaho Ogawa 10 pirouettes😍 I love how she did 10 and she kept her foot in passé! I've seen people do multiple pirouettes en pointe but the bring their foot to coupe😖

So cool ! #StarWars #StarWarsFan #StarWarsArt #DarthVader

Art-Poster and prints Wall Editions : Vader Star Wars polygones Fan-Art, by Liam Brazier. Illustration Format : 50 x 70 cm.