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This is the strangest color but finding myself oddly attracted to it, in a good way.sort of like like spicy pumpkin soup.

60's Vespa by Lee Dolman

yellow vespa - normally prefer Lambretta, but the Vespa models are lovely.

wooden vespa... as soon as I don't need to take Molly to school anymore I am rockin' a vespa as much as humanly possible, hopefully in pistachio color though...

Famed Portuguese carpenter Carlos Alberto has a fantastic way with making awesome bikes(or scooters) in to wooden art pieces. Take a look at this Vespa.


This person said: Like my dad always says,"Riding a scooter is like picking your nose. It's fun until your friends see you.

Scooters would get you out, also maybe mugged.

vespa ~There are no highways at Put-in-Bay, so the main modes of transport are golf car, scooter, and bicycle.

Red Vespa

Fotos lackierter Vespas in der Lackierung Rosso Corallo Viele weitere…

vespa...It seems this is the transportation of choice for the world traveler. We have a history, this bike and I. We parted ways with scars, But someday maybe we'll reunite again.

I totally love Vespa's and Italy. Especially love old school Vespa's and interested if this Primavera vespa type of font would work with my modern logo font somehow.