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Outside the square granny square blanket. Great way to work a granny square blanket~ without a zillion granny squares.

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Start a ripple afghan with a granny square border. Or finish a granny square afghan with a ripple border and maybe some tassles or bobbles for fun!

Kumasi throw

Looking for the ultimate crocheted afghan pattern? Look no further than the Millionaire's Afghan. With a wide variety of yarn colors and crochet stitches, this colorful crocheted afghan will brighten up any room in your home.

Crocheted Scarf Pattern:  triangle granny scarf: road trip scarves

Road Trip Scarf by Zooty Owl Cards - free pattern with photo tutorials. This is the hot shawl pattern for fall Making my roadtrip scarf now. I know I'm going to love this scarf.

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looks like quilt Awesome crochet blanket Its the colors I like together and I have lots of rose color left over yarn and some browns!

Amazing Colorful Rainbows: LOVE these bright colors and this pattern!

granny sqaures and stripes blanket by riavandermeulen - just a picture, love the stripes and granny square mix and the colors! Looks like Attic Granny Stripe OR Drops pattern.