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yoko ono

Yoko Ono Through the Years

Musician Yoko Ono attends the opening of David Croland Exhibit on November 1973 at Artworks Gallery in New York City.

Left, John Lennon wears a star-print top with embellished pants and signature round glasses. Yoko Ono wears a printed top with tights, shorts, and platform sandals

#TBT: 12 Rare John Lennon and Yoko Ono Photos

Yoko Ono, artist, musician, activist. In mainstream culture, certainly in the U.K, Yoko Ono seems to be thought of as slightly crazy. I don't understand that. It is not crazy to imagine a world where there is peace, where we live in harmony with nature. It is necessary. Check out her site imaginepeace.com or her book 'Grapefruit'.

Yoko Ono at Selfridges department store in London to promote the publication of her book Grapefruit on July

Yoko Ono and John Lennon, 1970

The Best, Weirdest, Most Memorable Moments in Cannes History

) So yes, the Cannes Film Festival kicks off on May and with it comes the the memorable Cannes fashion that is less.

Yoko Ono-Lennon

Yoko Ono Through the Years

Yoko Ono attends a press conference for her exhibiton "Half-A-Wind Show" at the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt in Germany on February

A thousand dreams that would awake me

Yoko Ono She was inspirational and unique with her art. Yoko performs in many ways, high and low scale and has become a revolutionary in pop culture.

I am deeply honoured to be curating the world-famous Meltdown Festival in London in 2013. In doing so I am aware of the great tradition of experimentalism mixed with classicism that has made the festival such an enduring part of the British Arts landscape. I am now starting to approach names from all over the world, some of whom you will know and some who might be new to your world. Let the fun begin! yoko.         More info: http://imaginepeace.com/archives/18786

Yoko Ono is director of Meltdown 2013 at Southbank Centre, London, UK

John Lennon and Yoko Ono

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In Praise of Yoko Ono’s Inimitable Style

In Praise of Yoko Ono’s Inimitable Style

From the tiered crepe mini she wore to wed John Lennon to her trademark derby hat, Yoko Ono has kept her distinct sense of personal style throughout the decades.