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"Big Brother is MINE"

ahaha Russia and China both have some interesting siblings Belarus and south Korea Hetalia Funny

[Rochu]Big Rochu and Little Rochus Day(2) by ChinChuan on deviantART

[Rochu]Big Rochu and Little Rochus by ChinChuan on deviantART<<<Chibi Russia is saying: You dare steal what's mine. Dare to steal my property. I love mama, I love Yao-Yao, I don't like you.

[Korea] Brother by vorabend-taboo.deviantart.com on @deviantART Talk about heartbreaking

[Korea] Brother by vorabend-taboo on DeviantART (North and South Korea are forced to face off, forced to face the past, and forced face the heartbreaking consequences)

Spamano Mention

Spamano Mention- This will always be my favorite Spamano related thing.

Italy's so awesome he can be in whatever anime he wants.<< Imagine the nations in OHSHC outfits

XD Ouran High School Host Club Italy by -Personally. I think that's Romano but whatever! <<< Roma is still Italy, your argument is invalid.


Donald Trump would deport this joke

Hetalia - Axis Powers and Allied Powers ~ Russia, China, France, England, America, Japan, Italy, Germany Road Trip

Hetalia (*´∇`)ノ <<< Hahaha France xD England, look at you and that cute lil hoodie you got on~ Where's your arm floaties?