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Single Speed Bike Porn

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thezainist:  Vanilla Bicycle

Vanilla Bicycles: custom-made commuter bike. Is it to much to get this just for going to the shops.

VELO - Пром, графика, архитектура - Дискуссии  -  Cardesign.ru - Главный ресурс о транспортном дизайне. Дизайн авто. Портфолио. Фотогалерея. Проекты. Дизайнерский форум.

Wooden road bike ~ interesting and lovely finish, more show than actual practically me thinks would this not be rather fragile?

Love the handle bars - beautiful bike!  gallerycycle: Chiossi Cycles

Love the handle bars - beautiful bike! Now in my portfolio

Clever Inventions

Funny pictures about Canadian bicycle. Oh, and cool pics about Canadian bicycle. Also, Canadian bicycle.

Love the aero position this guy is getting into. Probably thinking "Look out Fred Flintstone!"

Anyone got a spare motor for this dude. People are so ingenious when it come to riding bikes.live to ride

Hot Pink... Love the color! I want a new bike so bad

Girl + bike = I've recently added a pink and matte black fixie to my list of wants. If a girl is going to maintain a healthier lifestyle, she should do it in style!

Malvern Star Side By Side tandem  , 1930's Australia..  Photo By Sam Hood. Must have been hard to balance, especially if one person was much larger than the other!

"Man and woman on a Malvern Star abreast tandem bicycle, c. by Sam Hood" From State Library of New South Wales collection Man and woman .


Love the shock absorption of the spokes but what holds the wheel true? Safe or functional ride?

THE FRENCHMAN’S GUERICIOTTI - A rather dashing velocipede if we don’t say so ourselves.

THE FRENCHMAN’S GUERICIOTTI – A rather dashing velocipede if we don’t say so ourselves.

Cobbled together at DeusCYCLEWORKS for our resident Frenchman and head wrench at Camperdown, Jeremy Tagand. Featuring a re-chromed Guerciotti frame and fork with painted lugs by Dutchy.