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People live with regrets and say they wish I never did what I did in the past? If you solely had the free will to do things in the past, does that not teach you right from wrong? My life maybe a little bit different than a lot of people.

Drifters, Dancers, Sun Worshippers, Risk Takers, Dreamers, Lovers, Believers & Change Makers

We are drifters and dancers, sun worship pets and risk takers. The dreamers. The lovers, believers and change makers.

FrEe SpIRiT  ~~*~~~ <3 ~~~*~~                              …

This is awesome. I have always lived my life as a free spirit. I never never needed a list on how to be a free spirit. It has always been in me to be a free spirit because I was born a free spirit.


Be awesomely yourself; shine your light, share your gifts, love your life

I love this.

"If you hang out with chickens" by Steve Maraboli WTF? If you hang out with eagles you won't eat small animals, screech or be endangered?

You must give/love/trust/listen to yourself first before you can do it for someone else. It's all about boundaries <3

<> Lessons Learned in Life <> GIVE ● But don't allow Yourself to be Used ~ LOVE ● But don't allow Your Heart to be Abused ~ TRUST ● But don't be Naive ~ LISTEN ● But don't lose your own Voice <> Lessons to be Learned!

Cherokee prayer

*"O' Great Spirit, help me always to speak the truth quietly, to listen with an open mind, and to remember the peace that may be found in silence.


Death does not care who it touches. Though it hurts now, you never truly "get over" your pain, you simply learn how manage it. I miss my dad.


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